C3 Backup & Business Continuity announcement

C3 Group has recently reviewed backup technologies to ensure we are keeping pace with the latest developments and continue to provide you with the best available solutions in the market. After an extensive testing and review process we discovered a vendor delivering best-in-class technology in the area of Backup and Business continuity solutions. This vendor will enable C3 Group to deliver reliable backup and recovery regardless of where your business critical data is currently stored; on-premises or in the cloud. The backup solution caters for a variety of options with regard to storage of backups, onsite and offsite, including cloud options with storage in Australian data centres. Immutable storage features will also allow us to ensure that backups are strongly protected against Cybersecurity threats.

C3 Group is excited to announce its partnership with Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection and backup technology for more than 19 years.

As part of the process of migration to Acronis Cyber Cloud we strongly recommend the purchase of an external USB hard drive for archiving your backup history. This will allow our engineers to restore files from your full history of backups. If you elect to reject his recommendation, although you will still have backups available, you should be aware that without your full history there may be circumstances whereby older files may not be able to be restored. If for example a file is deleted prior to the Acronis migration, you only realise it has vanished after the migration, but you elect not to purchase an archive drive, that file will not be recoverable.

Please find below specific details about the hard drive(s) required for backup archiving:

This recommendation aims to reduce risk which could impact your business. Confirm your response to this recommendation by submitting the details below.